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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has an “at will” employment policy that

Social Responsibility


The employees in the IBT Organizing Department and the general membership have trusted the Union to be socially responsible as they have performed their duties without a contract.   Unfortunately, the IBT has decided seniority in the field no longer needs to be honored.   They have chosen favoritism as a source for keeping a select group on the payroll, instead of performance and merit.   These management decisions are not in the best interest of American Workers as this type of business plan is poisoning labor industries in our country.

Political cronyism and other forms of favoritism have replaced performance, merit and integrity in determining how our American brothers and sisters must endure multiple strings of bad decisions in the business world. These disempowering management choices are not in the best interest of union membership nor unorganized work forces.  They set a poor example for Unions in general and the labor movement, as a whole.  The micro management process more corporate structured plans are implementing, has eliminated experience and knowledge in the workplace.  What is left is a controlled group that is untrained, underdeveloped and without the capabilities of reaching their potential.

As a huge influence in labor issues regarding American Workers, in general, unions and the programs they promote should be a positive example.   All workers, organized and unorganized should have confidence in the unions chosen to promote and stimulate the labor movement.   Decisions should be in their best interest and not in the common executive salaries.   All workers are entitled to programs and examples that will empower the work force with inspiration, education and dedication.  Organizing campaigns will succeed to the extent that Organizers are credible, sincere, confident and effective.  The International Brotherhood of Teamsters should not be exempt from the responsibilities facing all organizations representing the labor industries. They are the faces of labor and it is time they act like it.  As Americans we should all aspire to set the highest example.  The Leaders of this “our free world” must face accountability for their decisions.

The participation of all American Workers is necessary to present a force of Unity to the leaders of our Country, the decision makers and those who may be of influence.  

Your efforts will make a difference in the quality of the work place.


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